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Long products include rebars, wire rod, and beams. The leading markets for the mentioned products are energy, automotive parts, construction, and mechanical engineering. Check out Imperial Group’s list.

  • Rebar
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    Known as reinforcing bar, the rebar is formed from a steel billet, normally having surface patterns and deformations to better bond with the concrete.

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    The bar can be produced in straight lengths as well as coiled.

    Its main use revolves around the construction industry to reinforce concrete. 

  • Wire Rod
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    Guaranteeing high quality of application, wire rod is produced as coil from an initial hot rolled from steel billet.During production, the most essential part is the full control of the final cooling. 

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    Wire rod has a key trait revolving around its diameter, which can be highly reduced during the drawing process.

    Depending on the amount of carbon in the rod, the applications differ and range from fencing wire and concrete reinforcing mesh for low carbon, tosteel-cord for car tyre reinforcement for medium and high carbon rod. 

  • Beams
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    Beams have the exceptional trait of having a high load-bearing support.

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    They are widely used in the construction industry providing both support for buildings and load-bearing walls. Beams differ in sizes based on the required application.

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